Tunic's Disappointment (+3) is a compiled works piece including all of the material from their 7" titled "Disappointment" with three additional bonus tracks exclusive to this Good Person release. Hailing from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Tunic is an abrasive three-piece combining driving and explosive bass and drums with surgical guitar movements that embrace dissonance like a warm friend. The four cuts from the 7" are songs of direct aggression- lyrically and sonically self-deprecating, housing surprising song structures that will catch you off-guard at every reluctant turn. The three additional bonus tracks are longer, more mysterious cliff-hangers framing a brooding vocal style that is drunken and malicious. Akin to notable Amphetamine Reptile style but with more amphetamine and without a gradual come-down, this release will leave you disoriented and tingling..

Good Person Recordings, 2016